All information pertaining to "A Day of Dreams" can be found here! Raw pencil animation clips will be made available as they are created.

"A Day of Dreams" is a collection of animation shorts all pertaining in some way to various types of dreams people may have. Dreams aren't only the images we see in our heads at night, though those are what we most often call our dreams. We can have day dreams; fantasies and hopes and things we wish for, memories of days long past, perhaps even days we never saw, but heard about from our parents and elders. All these things are dreams as well, and those dreams inspire us and drive us with the longing they induce for something better, for hope of happiness to come. Sometimes those dreams are all that keep us going through the bad times, an escape from dark sorrows until the light shines on us again.

And so the 8 animation shorts, which will make up the final version of "A Day of Dreams", will each analyze these various aspects of dreams in fanciful settings, dreamlike themselves, as inspired by the individual songs to which they are set.

Be ready for a whimsical journey through worlds mystical and musical, of sorrow and joy, and of love and loss. What you find there depends of what you bring with yourself.

Day of Dreams

  1. Where Dreams Come From
  2. Rainy Day Dreams
  3. The Good Ol Day(Dream)s
  4. Only Child
  5. Reflections of Life
  6. The Phantom Circus
  7. Artistic Expression
  8. Moonlight Magic

"A Day of Dreams" inspired by (and synchronized to) songs from Yanni, Sixpence None the Richer, and Nora Jones.