Day of Dreams: Moonlight Magic

Set to "Kiss Me" (3:30)


Countryside forest in early summer evening. Very pleasant landscape, small groups of houses nestled in the woods and meadows.


A girl skunk and her boyfriend, apparently on a date, and a little firefly later on who dances around them.

"Dream Symbol" Placement

The pattern in which the lightning bugs fly around the pair.

The Story

The boyfriend treats her to a magical walk through the forest, assuming the roles of fantasy characters, acting out the scenes for his girlfriend’s amusement. He becomes a knight fighting a dragon, which turns out to be a gnarled tree stump and leads her past a unicorn, which is just an old farm horse in reality. The viewer follows them around as they go about their teenage romance. It takes some scenes directly from the song: the trail, the swing, the old tree house and each becomes a scene out of fantasy: the cobble stone path becomes a gold-paved way leading to the skunkette’s throne, which is of course the swing. When swung, it seems as if she can touch the sky and brush her fingers in the cottony clouds. The tree house becomes Rapunzel, and she lets down her braided hair for her beau, which in reality is the rope ladder of the treehouse. Their walking through a meadow toward evening disturbs a firefly snoozing beneath a leaf, which gets annoyed and follows them around.

The bug enlists the aid of his fellows and they all rise up from the grass as the first firefly gives the signal and swarm around giving the couple the flickering of their lives! Of course, the lovely display of flashing lights this merely sets the scene for the end of the song, their first kiss, the scene fading after their lips meet.