Day of Dreams: Reflections of Life

Set to "In the Mirror" (4:07)


Various rooms and homes in which the main character lives her life.


A female feline-type character, at different stages of life: infancy to old age. Also her parents, husband, children and grandchildren.

"Dream Symbol" Placement

In ornate carvings around an old mirror in which the audience sees the first and last reflections.

The Story

The animation begins at sunrise as the cat girl’s mother rocks her and places her in a crib, then the angle turns to an antique mirror on the wall, which draws closer and turns sideways as it flashes across the screen to reveal a new scene of her childhood. The scenes progress through life scenes which anyone can recognize from their own lives: her first love, graduation, marriage, her children’s first day off to school (the side mirror on the bus reflects her waving, which then reveals that she is now watching her children who have grown up and moving on, a longer scene of her caring for her ill husband, then another with her mourning his death.

Each change of scene will be shown by the passing of either mirror images flashing across the screen, or zooming in on reflective surfaces that show the next scene, which is then brought to focus by zooming out.

One such series of events is the husband’s illness and death, which contains the most dramatic elements of the story. She and he hold hands (paws) in the scene while he lies sick in bed. The zoom takes the viewer in close to their touch and from his eyes to very close to hers. But hers become filled with tears and the reflection in them is of not her husband in bed, but a picture of them both when they were younger. As the frame zooms outward, we see that she is a little older and sitting alone on the bed looking sorrowfully and gently touching the picture. Nothing needs to be said of what has become of her beloved husband. A teardrop falls from her eye and the camera follows it in a slow spiral as it falls and strikes the picture, trickling down the glass until it drips from the frame and splashes to the ground. But it lands upon what looks like outside tile and shows a reflection of her in her garden during the start of a spring shower.

We see her from the back with a hat on and when she turns as a drop hits the back of her hat, we can see she is older yet again, picking up her basket of garden tools and bulbs to head inside.

From there the story progresses through several more scenes: she hosts Thanksgiving dinner with her children and grandchildren, a little scene of her riding her bicycle with her grandchildren down a hill, then there is a scene of her attendance of one’s college graduation. Christmas comes with her bringing cookies in on a tray to the gathered families, only now she must walk with a cane. As the end of the song plays, she is lying in her bed, looking out at a sunset. The camera turns to the wall where the old mirror with the dream symbols adorning its corners hangs. In the reflection, her eyes close and the mirror moves past the screen edgewise, turning it black. The last page in the book of her life has turned.