Day of Dreams: Rainy Day Dreams

Set to "Don't Know Why" (3:06)


Near-modern city setting, fading twilight as clouds roll in and cover the sky as a light rain begins. (overlay rain sound effects)


A tigress and her one-time beau, plus a few other lonely folks in the corner diner.

"Dream Symbol" Placement

Within the name of a diner's lights.

The Story

A tiger’s broken dream. It starts at sunset; the clouds move in and cover the setting sun; shadows fade as the light vanishes in the dusk and dreariness of the coming soggy evening. The rain begins and the tigress walks the empty streets, not even bothering to open her umbrella as she looks for the meaning of it all. She’d broken up with her beau earlier that day. It had seemed a perfect match, he a tiger, she a tigress. What could go wrong? But tigers’ natures are fickle and they’re prone to wander, their relationships tumultuous, and despite her efforts she eventually broke it off with him. Now regretful and unsure of herself, she seeks to understand why it ended this way. She leaves an old-style bar after a quick drink and passes a park where she and her love opened their hearts to one another.

She stops at nearly empty diner called “La Lumiere” which not coincidently has the dream symbol in its sign, for a coffee to warm herself up. However, as she sits back in the booth, she falls asleep and dreams of what could happen if she’d hooked up with a lion. She sees herself working long hours and having to take care of the cubs. And his wandering eye! Oh how she can’t stand his lechery as he looks after one pretty kitty after another! Then her tiger is back, how kind and helpful he is, he’s always there for her. She’s gently shaken awake by the waitress in the diner and quickly heads out, opening her umbrella this time. She decides to walk over to his place and talk things over with him. Sure they’d had arguments, but that was normal in any relationship. They could work things out.

When she arrives, he’s just getting out of a car. She’s about to run over to him… until he helps a lovely lioness out of the passenger seat!

Some dreams don’t come true, no matter how much we want them to. Some situations leave us empty for a long time in our lives. It is the same for our poor heroine as she slowly heads back to her apartment in the rain.