Business Donation Incentives

$500-$1000: Business name (and main business address/contact information if desired) posted in "Special Sponsor" page of website with your website hotlink.

$1001-$5000: Name posted in "Special Sponsor" page, also listed in "Special Thank-you" section of video/DVD credits, plus either 5 fully autographed copies of the DVD or an original autographed animation cel from any of the animation segments for your business office.

Over $5,000: Above, plus business name in "Major Funding Contributed By:" section of website front page and prominent feature in animation credits, plus either 10 fully autographed copies of the DVD or a B&W inked original picture commission up to poster-size (14 x 22 inches) of any scene of your choosing from the animation, plus an animation cel of your choice (complete with affixed background imagery), all signed by the artist/animator and President of United Paws Animations, Inc.

Additionally: Over $10,000 earns a special spot on the top of the front page of the United Paws Animations website with banner link to sponsor home page, plus copies of the DVD autographed by the entire United Paws team for up to 50 company employees OR request a full-color original commission (traditional or digital media) of a scene from any of the animation segments of your choosing up to poster-size (14 x 22 inches), signed by the artist and the President of United Paws Animations, Inc. along with 10 laser prints of the picture and 10 autographed animation cels from the animation of your choice.

Please contact Charles R. de Charleroy, Jr. via email for more detailed information and to sign up for any of these incentives.

Please note: For income tax purposes, the retail value of the video/DVD ($20 US each) will be deducted from the net amount listed on donation receipts as mandated by the IRS tax code for contributions. If you wish to forgo the copies of the animation you receive or reduce their number, please make mention of this so the information may be properly recorded on your tax receipt.